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Pr. Frédéric NGEZAHAYO

Ecole Normale Supérieure de Bujumbura Département des Sciences Naturelles Pr. Frédéric NGEZAHAYO Articles PubliésAxillary Bud Proliferation Approach for Plant Biodiversity Conservation and RestorationMolecular characterization of a rice mutator-phenotype derived from an incompatible cross-pollination reveals transgenerational mobilization of multiple transposable elements and extensive epigenetic instability


Ecole Normale Supérieure Département des Langues et des Sciences Natures Dr. Fulgence MANIRAMBONA Articles PubliésEsthétique de la réappropriation linguistique du romancier africain francophoneEsthétique interlinguistique dans l’écriture romanesque d’Alain MabanckouDe la reconfiguration pluridentitaire de l’africanité : l’écriture romanesque d’Alain MabanckouLa littérature française au Carrefour des langues et des cultures

Dr. Havyarimana Vincent

Dr. HAVYARIMANA Vincent Tel: 79830258 Email: Articles PubliésA Study of Global Numerical Maximization using Hybrid Chemical Reaction AlgorithmsMovement Direction Algorithm for Geographic Routing Protocol in Vehicular NetworksAnalytical Study on Multi-Tier 5G Heterogeneous Small Cell Networks: Coverage Performance and Energy EfficiencyA novel hybrid approach based-SRG model for vehicle position prediction in multi-GPS outage conditionsOnline-SVR for…